“Hey Hank, what’s up?”

Alex walked into Hank’s lab with all the calm in the world, just like always. One time Hank actually wondered if it was humanly possible for Alex to look preoccupied; it only took him a couple of minutes of mental debating to realize it wasn’t.

Alex would always be the cool kid in school who looked like he didn’t have a single worry in the world, the popular jock who could do anything he wanted, the power. And Hank, well Hank would always be the nerdy kid at the back of class who knows all the answers, the one you don’t notice in the corridors as you pass by, the brain.

Not many people made Hank nervous, his high intellect usually left him standing above all others but that didn’t happen with Alex, the boy with the power. No matter how much Hank wanted Alex to be just another person who could be easily ignored and dismissed, the blond teen always seemed to be so much more to Hank.

It was almost infuriating, Alex looking so calm and confident while Hank was left acting like a giddy teenager who couldn’t properly control his overgrown limbs.

“I’m working. You?”

He didn’t mean for his words to sound so harsh but Alex didn’t seem to have noticed Hank’s tone, or at least he acted like he didn’t.

“Not much. What are you working on?”

Hank looked at Alex like he had suddenly grown another head, his mouth even opened slightly with shock. Why would Alex care about what Hank was doing? So far the only interest Alex seemed to have on Hank’s work was when it was directly related to him, and Alex knew fair well Hank wasn’t working on anything new for him so why was he asking?

Maybe possibilities ran through Hank’s mind in the short space of time it took for him to answer; all of them plausible, none of them likely. In the end Hank decided the best he could do was answer honestly and see where things would go, it’s not like anything Alex could say to him would hurt more then something he had already said before.

“Plane. Charles asked me to design on faster and better then the ones already available by the CIA.”

Alex nodded in a way that demonstrated he had listened to everything Hank had just said and now wanted him to continue working. Or at least that’s what it looked like, Hank was never too good at understanding other people and nods could have many meanings.

It didn’t matter though, because Hank did have a lot of work to do and if Alex wasn’t going to continue his enquiry then it meant Hank was free to continue with his designs.

Problem is though, it is quite hard to concentrate when a charming blond is looming just over you, a blond who sometimes makes you weak on the knees and is the subject of late night fantasies. A blond who calls you names with a stupid smile so you don’t know what he really means, who always seems to be relaxed even when he’s stressed out of his mind. A good-looking blond who left Hank wondering what the hell was wrong with him, a blond who would never reciprocate his feelings.

It’s even harder to concentrate when said blond his eating in an extremely loud way in Hank’s peaceful and organized lab. And were that… crumbs?

What are you eating?

“Gingerbread men. You want some?” Replied Alex in less than a heart-beat while handing out the small bag filled with tiny brown people, smiling with glace mouths and glace eyes.

“Where did you even get gingerbread men?” It was an honest question and the first that had appeared in Hank’s mind. They were in the middle of summer, the sun was burning everything with scorching heat and sometimes Hank felt like he was literally melting into puddles of goo. And while gingerbread men were a delicious snack, they weren’t exactly being very popular at this time of the year.

“I baked them?”

You baked them?”

“Yeah Hank, I baked them. I bake, what of it? Look do you want some or not?” Hank must have sounded, and probably looked very sceptical because Alex had gotten suddenly angry at him and an angry Alex was never a good thing for Hank.

“Yeah, I’d love a gingerbread man.” He answered in all honesty.

Hank watched with the corner of his eye that while he took a biscuit out of the bag and gave it an experimental bite Alex remained in his looming position, watching Hank with fixated eyes whilst waiting expectantly for some kind of reaction out Hank.

They were good, really good actually. They had just the right amount of sugar, leaving a sweet warm taste on the mouth after being swallowed.

Hank made sure to tell Alex that and he was rewarded with one of the most amazing smiles he had ever seen.


“Yes Alex, you’re a pretty good baker.”

“Thanks Hank.” Alex took another biscuit out of the bag and sat down next to Hank, still smiling like a goofy teenager and Hank couldn’t help but notice Alex hadn’t called him a bozo.

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