omg guys

imagine like, in the avengers movie they do a small cameo of hank or maybe janet

or maybe wanda or maybe just ANOTHER AVENGER

oh god just thinking about it makes me all djfhdfkjghdfkgdfjlkgfh

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    Now, careful: There’s no one listed as playing Hank, so probably no ACTUAL cameo. *hugs tight* Sorry :/ But a mention is...
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    if hank gets a cameo i can die happy oh god hank is so hot in the cartoon tho whoever is playing him as to be really hot...
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    that would be AMAZING tbh all it would take would be a name drop to send me into a fangirl coma
  4. richardharr0w said: they probably will, at least hank, considering that theres going to be an ant-man movie sometime in the near future.
  5. theoldsentinelofliberty said: All I ever want from the Avengers movie is a bazillion cameos
  6. bannerisms said: personally crossing my fingers for black panther. or hank/janet.